10 Most Effective Hunting Tips

Hunting is generally known as a process or practice of trapping or killing wild animals for food or other intense. Though there are several benefits to hunting, economic benefit is considered the primary benefit. Hunting has become one of the greatest outdoor niches as it carries a lot of adventure and excitement. To be a great and successful hunter, I believe, you must keep three most important things in mind.

hunting tips

First make sure that you have the proper equipment like rifle, binocular, and clothing etc. Secondly, do believe on our shooting or hunting ability. Do believe yourself that you can do it. The third and the last one is you need to know about the area you hunting, also need to have animal knowledge. The most interesting fact about hunting is that you will be learning something new from every single hunting. However, I am now going to share some great hunting tips that can definitely change your hunting experience.


Try to carry your best bag, especially the sleeping bag during a cold day hunting. You may set fire outside of your tent but you need to know the fire might go out at night and the cold weather can chill your body rapidly. So, to avoid the miserable situation prepared yourself and bring your best sleeping bag when bag-packing.

Move Extra Slow

Be sure that you are moving slowly enough while hunting because moving fast can make unwanted noise. You can use your hand watch as a guide. For example, select a period of time to move and a time to stop. It will force you to stop and to move time to time.

Stop at Noise

While hunting try not to make any unusual noise and stay calm. By any chance you make an unwanted loud noise just stop there where you are if you find animals are close enough. Suppose a beer is standing for a long time and staring at you direction but it might continue feeding if it does not smell or see you.

Follow with Extra Care

When you are tracking a wild animal pay extra care. Remember, the quarry can be alert at any time. A fresh track can ensure weather you are going to hunt the animal or miss it.


This tip is especially for beer hunting. It sounds like crazy but try it once if you go for beer hunting. A beer, generally, can easily feel and get alerted to human presence while you walking through dead leaves. So, try to take quick steeps 10-20 at once. Keep doing the same again and again and surprisingly see it sounds like squirrel that scrambling through noisy dead leaves.

Clean Your Position

Suppose you are sitting on a ground or standing under tree, first sweep the leaves away and brush with boots so that the area you are standing on gets cleaned. This process will help to move without making any noise if you need to move suddenly.

10 tips on hunting

Be Conscious about Instant Drop

An animal usually does not fall instantly at the moment it gets shot rather than runs for a little distance and finally falls. But if it falls instantly when gets shot, it’s because of sudden shock. Get yourself prepared, because it will recover and run soon.

Follow the Blood Mark

While tracking an animal stay focused and look for the blood mark on grass, leaves and on the ground. You definitely have toilet tissue with you while hunting, mark every single spot of blood. If you are not alone, there is another hunter and you two are a group, communicate him with waving hand.

Never Give Up

While you are following an animal by its blood mark for a long time and a long way after shooting but getting nothing, don’t give up. Remember, the animal is getting tired and you are going to find it soon.

Do Believe Yourself

No, no more new tips. Just make sure you have the best equipment, know about the area and animal clearly and finally do believe on your hunting ability. You can do it.

It is known to all that excess of anything is very bad and same goes for hunting. Excessive hunting affects different things directly or indirectly excluding the environment too. Despite of all the negative effects, hunting has some advantage too.

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