12 Things That Differentiate The Tourist And Traveler

When viewed at a glance, there may be no difference between a tourist and a traveler. They were both traveling on vacation for pleasure and experience.

However, if dug deeper, there are some things that distinguish between a tourist and a traveler. Especially of the attitude and the toxicity they do during the holidays. A traveler usually those who have a high wanderer spirit and make the activities of traveling as a medium for learning and forge yourself.

Tourist And Traveler

While tourists make traveling as an activity purely for pleasure or pastime. A traveler is usually also not hesitate for long travel. People who have a young soul prefer being a traveler because it is more challenging. Here are 8 things that distinguish the tourist and traveler.

1. Traveler: Photo objects, Tourist: selfie

Almost everyone who is on vacation, wherever the place, always take pictures for social media. Not a few of them are selfie to show that they really were visiting a particular place. This phenomenon is very common.
Such habits selfie photo carried by tourists. While the focus for the traveler looking for interesting objects to be photographed, instead of photographing themselves. For them, the existence in social media is not important. The important thing is what is found in places that are worth visiting.

2. Traveler usually has a tight budget

For the traveler, the money is not a major problem if you want to do a holiday trip. As long as their costs for transport and meals, they will depart. They never thought a matter of gift shop or what sort of place to stay will they use for overnight. This is an important way difference with tourists. Before leaving, they usually have done booking a five-star hotel and plan to buy anything to take home later. Understandably, they are usually the more abundant budget.

3. Traveler is more concerned with experience

For the traveler, there is a separate inner satisfaction when to spend money to buy the experience rather than buy goods. That is why the traveler never thought of the gift shop at the moment want to vacation. Because for them, the experience and the story are more important.

4. Traveler can sleep anywhere

The fundamental difference between a tourist and a traveler can be seen from place to stay they choose. A tourist tends to prefer to stay at five-star hotels with excellent facilities and a premium service to get extra comfort. While a traveler is already accustomed to staying in hostels or even the airport / station. Origin can rest and closed my eyes, this is not a problem for the traveler.

5. Traveler better appreciates local wisdom as well as the existing regulations

If we look at the phenomenon in recent years, a lot of trash found in the tourist spots of natural shades such as mountains, islands to the coast. Those who pollute nature – or other tourist places – are those who have no sense of responsibility at all.

A true traveler will never do such a shameful activity because they realize that they are only guests so that they are self-conscious to maintain the attitude and respect all existing rules and ethics.

6. For the traveler, the roads are not just for pleasure but also to learn

There are many things you will realize after traveling. That life is very broad. Yes, for those who want to learn, traveling means more leisure activities for pleasure. However, also as a medium for learning. For them, the world is a vast university.

Rarely a tourist who wants to learn from the trip they did because their purpose was purely for pleasure. Not infrequently, many tourists are demanding it in order to make their vacation more comfortable.

7. Traveler’s not too concerned with appearance

Traveling is not a fashion show so (should) we do not need to be concerned about appearance. The important thing is to wear decent and in accordance with the holiday theme. Quite funny if you see people who want to travel to the mountain but dressed like a man who wants to play to the mall.
A traveler tends to be dressed decently what their origin.

8. Traveler very familiar with backpack

The easiest way to distinguish between a tourist and a traveler is on their outward appearance. A traveler usually carrying a large duffel bag most of their bodies. While tourists prefer suitcase and then left at the hotel.

9. Equipment

Tourists stand out because they always carry a camera, Guidebook and maps to nowhere. Traveler prefers to carry less stuff and not seen carrying Guidebook.

10. Recommendations

Tourist highly believes what is written in the Guidebook. A traveler asks for advice to local residents about what is a good place to visit, this can include finding out from personal blogs locals.

11. Priority

For tourists, the scenery is number 1. If the landscape is not as beautiful as they expect, they will assess the city / place was ugly. A traveler is always trying to learn the local language and happy to talk with local people, are also interested in studying the unique local culture that is different from each place.

12. Points of Interest

Only tourists interested in visiting all the places in the list of top attractions.
A traveler more interested in exploring the place was not too crowded and has a distance closer to the real life of locals.

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