Breville BES840XL the Infuser Espresso Machine Review

We’ve been hearing an awful lot about the  BES840XL so we thought we’d do right by our readers and check it out. Breville has historically proven to be as good as they come in most avenues, but you never know until you investigate each new product.

That’s what we do so you can get your questions answered in a comprehensive manner. This particular unit has been hailed by many as the espresso machine that is setting the bar for all the rest. But…we want to see for ourselves.

Now, let’s get started.

Are you an Espresso lover?

One of the first points of discussion to be sure of is that you like espresso. If you’ve never tried this stout little drink, you might want to take it easy on yourself at first. Unlike the cup of java normally obtained from the fine coffee beans of your choice, this specialty brew is an art form which you can cultivate, adjust, and align to become your own perfection.

But, in order to make a perfect espresso, you have to have a machine to help you along the journey to success. We’ll get to the machine in just a second, but we will first explain the process of obtaining espresso.

What is Espresso, how is it made, what is it used for?

A concentrated coffee beverage that requires a particular method of brewing, the espresso is considered worldly and refined by some. People whose palettes are not used to the thicker, almost creamy like consistency, may be at first surprised by the difference.

Because espresso is so highly concentrated and created through high pressure forcing of water through a small amount of finely ground coffee beans, it is certainly unlike other beverages of the java family.

Here are the necessary components to creating a delicacy of espresso proportions.

  • Coffee beans – Your selection of bean will greatly determine the end result of your beverage. Whether you choose select higher quality beans, grind your own, or buy fine espresso grind, will all effect your outcome.
  • Near boiling water – The water for this intent must be at just the right temperature. Pressurization must also be adequate and carried out at a consistent level. This is a critical component for good espresso.
  • Water – Purified is best.


The Breville BES840XL Infuser Espresso Machine approach to Espresso

The Breville offers many features that are just not offered in other machines within this same price range. In fact, some of the higher end integral component functions are not offered in machines that cost even a thousand dollars more than the Breville Infuser. Below we will cover a few of the top functional characteristics of this premium espresso machine and delve a little deeper into the purpose.


  • PID Control – We’ve seen all over the place where people are touting the benefit of the PID control, but no one is explaining what it is and what it really does. That ends here because we want to help both ourselves and you to really understand the benefit of this high dollar feature.

PID stands for Proportional, Integral, Derivative control. That sounds kind of funny, but to explain…PID is a very high level electronic temperature controller that can cycle off and on so that the heat is maintained to absolute perfection.

  • Low pressure pre-infusion – This is a critical feature that allows the gentle expansion of grounds for just a few short seconds before the high pressure brewing process begins. This unique feature helps to release the ground beans full flavor into the espresso.
  • 15 bar Italian pump – This doesn’t make sense at first, but once you learn what it’s all about it makes a lot more. This is the force behind the machine. This top of the line pump forces the brewing water through the stainless steel coil.
  • Thermo coil heating system – The 1600 watt stainless steel coil that combines with the pump and the PID to keep the brewing water at the ultimate perfection in temperature. This allows the optimal extraction of flavor and body from your coffee beans of choice.


Made of an aluminum casting around the stainless steel tubing which is further enhanced by an inner coiled electrical heating component coated in a fine ceramic-coating.


  • Commercial-like Steam Wand – The swivel wand on the Breville BES840XL Infuser Espresso Machine would meet any commercial standard. With a full 360 degree swivel you are able to steam and froth milk easily. Straight from espresso to a wondrous cappuccino or latte with ease.
  • Hot water outlet – This wonderful aspect gives you easy access to hot water on demand for other uses like hot cocoa, hot tea, etc. This is located right next to the wand.
  • Auto Purge – Once the perfectly tempered steam bursts allow for impeccable espresso extraction this auto purge automatically adjusts the temperature once again.
  • Volume control – There are preset volumes you can use. You can manually override or program your own volume. This sounds really user friendly.
  • Puck control – Funny words once again, but this is the coffee leftovers in case you’re not familiar with it. You know how those left over wet grounds can be kind of drippy and nasty to deal with? Well, there is a dry puck feature that pulls residual water out of the filter basket. Wahla, no more nasty grounds.
  • Large water tank – The 61 oz. / 1.8 L stainless steel water tank has a handle which makes it easily removable.
  • Water filter – In order to keep the impurities from your brew and your machine, Breville builds in replaceable water filters. This will further enhance the taste of your espresso, latte, or cappuccino

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