12 Things That Differentiate The Tourist And Traveler

When viewed at a glance, there may be no difference between a tourist and a traveler. They were both traveling on vacation for pleasure and experience.

However, if dug deeper, there are some things that distinguish between a tourist and a traveler. Especially of the attitude and the toxicity they do during the holidays. A traveler usually those who have a high wanderer spirit and make the activities of traveling as a medium for learning and forge yourself.

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Explore Mekong river cruise trip Cambodia to Vietnam

It’s hard to look for the best getaway these days. You can participate in a boot camp, trek across the Desert, or roam around the museums but you’re not sure if it will satisfy you. Because of the busyness of our work, we already lost the interest of taking a rest but to tell you frankly; it’s not healthy. It’s still better if you take a rest and enjoy life. Do you want something new? Why don’t you try river cruising as it’s different these days? And of course, always pick the best places to take a vacation.

Mekong River Cruises

In Mekong Delta, there’s this ship called Pandaw that travels around the Mekong River slowly. This ship was built for cruise purposes only, and there’s a lot of good spot in the ship good for sight-seeing and relaxing. The ship sails down the Mekong River down to Cambodia and Vietnam. The river cruise lasted for a week, and I can guarantee you, you will all regain all your energy after this vacation. You can spend your whole week watching movies on your fancy room, eating delicious foods, enjoying the views on the ship deck as well as the stars in the night. Don’t you think that reading novel books with fresh air is very relaxing? Right? Right. Aside from the relaxing atmosphere, another thing is you can meet other fellow passengers and be friends with them. It’s a good thing to meet other people in relieving stress and forgetting all your problems. You can enjoy the night with them while sipping a cocktail and enjoying good music. See detail Mekong River Cruises of Viet Fun Travel, good service in Ho Chi Minh city.

Most of the ship is made for good viewing. The whole top deck is wide open for party purposes and night events. The owners want their visitors to enjoy their vacations every night. Visitors will experience fresh air while enjoying the night and also receive luxurious service. Compared to other cruise ships, the staff and owners always aim to provide you with the best experience while riding to their ship down to Mekong River. The facilities of the ship are excellent. All of the doors inside the ship are made of glass together with a mosquito screen to avoid mosquitos getting inside the ship. Each room is air conditioned as well as the dining room to make every visitor fresh and comfortable. Continue reading “Explore Mekong river cruise trip Cambodia to Vietnam”

How To Play Softball For Beginners

The ubiquity of fastpitch softball is on an anger. In the wake of getting incorporated into the Olympic amusements from 1996, more individuals are approaching to attempt their hands and demonstrate their abilities in this diversion. In the event that you are different to this amusement, then you ought to take after the underneath specified tips to be an extraordinary player of this diversion. Picking the right packs for your softball bats:

The first and the essential stride that a mentor needs to do is to pick the privilege and the most expert pack for his group, as an expert group unit will help the players to make most out of them and it may help them to build their execution amid practice and amid the amusement play. However picking the right units for the group is not the part of the Softball training, but rather it upgrades the session of the player. Continue reading “How To Play Softball For Beginners”

Whispered Essential Oil Diffusers Secrets

Below we will discuss several different subjects regarding essential oil diffusers. The ancient Greeks believed that diffuser aromatherapy was the first time in the world for healing. In addition, They are used to treat the olfactory nerve, which is the essential part of the body. When you are experiencing a feeling of being happy, you have to do something to make it happen. You can find a great way to deal with the stress and anxiety that you have in your life. Continue reading “Whispered Essential Oil Diffusers Secrets”