Finding Your Torso and Hip Size

If you want to get a comforting journey with having good pack’s performance, then you have to select the size of your pack. That’s why there are different hip, torso and shoulder measurements for various height and weight. But torso length is not directly related to your height, actually it is the measurement key. You have to remember that you should buy a fit pack from your local professional retailer. This article will help you for shopping online.

The best way to find Torso Length

To get proper torso length, you have to take two things. These are flexible tape for measurement and your friend who will take measure.

  • Now locate your friend to the bony bump at the lower part of your neck. This position of your neck is called 7th cervical vertebra. You have to tilt your head forward for taking measurement easily as well as perfectly. In this way, you will get the actual length of your torso.
  • By fingers pointing to the forward and your thumbs keeping in the back, placed your hands on the top of your hip bones. The name of this is ‘shelf’ where your pack will be rest. Now consider an imaginary line between your thumbs up to bottom, it will be your torso length.
  • Now, here your friend will measure the length by the help of tape measure. What he/she will do, simple your friend take a measurement the distance between the C7 and that imaginary line (already explained) between thumbs. But be careful when your friend will measure the length and you have to stand up straight. Hope you have got the idea to measure the length of torso.

Tips to Determine Your Hip Size

Though the hip measurement is not as important as torso length, but you should not ignore this. Because hip measurement is also helpful for your journey. Especially it will help you if you consider a pack that offers interchangeable hip belts.

Now take that tape for measuring and simple wrap it around your abdomen with carefully. Now you have to move the measuring tape with slowly and stop at the widest point of your buttocks. The size will be quite higher than the position of your actual pants sit. The accurately positioned hip belt may straddle your hips about some inch bellow and above that latitude line. We hope this information will help you for measuring best hip size.


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