French Press Coffee Makers and Coffee Pot

French Press Coffee Makers

When using French Press coffee makers to create great tasting coffee quickly and easily, it is important that you make sure that you use the right sort of ground coffee. If you don’t then the essential oils within the ground beans cannot be extracted properly and so the taste of the coffee you brewed will be badly affected.

So it is important that if you can you also purchase yourself a good quality coffee grinder. This will help to ensure that the size of the grounds you place in to your French press are ideal. Plus you are going to be using grounds that are considerably fresher than those that have been pre ground for you and prepackaged. Although they may cost less the flavour that they produce won’t be as good. So make sure that you don’t go for coffee beans that are less than 3 days old or more than 10 days old.

So why is it so important that you use a good quality coffee grinder ? Below we look at just some of the reasons.

Reason 1 – The size of the coffee grounds is important that you put into your French press coffee maker as those used for making an espresso. It is important to make sure that the grounds you place in your coffee maker are much larger as well as being uniform in size. If they are fine there is a greater chance of them being able to pass through the plunger filter resulting you getting sediment into your coffee. This in turn could result in not only the coffee tasting gritty but also quite bitter.

Reason 2 – By ensuring that you know exactly the size of the grounds being produced you will find that you may need to use far less in order to create a great tasting cup of coffee. This is because freshly grinding your own coffee ensures that more of the essential oils inside the beans has been retained and which will then be extracted in to the liquid as the mixture is provided with time to brew.

Reason 3 – When it actually comes time to press the plunger down to prevent the grinds from getting into the liquid you will find it a lot easier. But you still need to be wary and ensure that you don’t put into too much hot water or the chances of the hot liquid spilling over the sides and scalding your hands will be increased.

When it comes to looking for the perfect coffee grinder to purchase to use in conjunction with your French press coffee makers there are certain features to look for. Look for ones that don’t have a nylon filter installed as these are going to allow a great portion of the fine particles to be able to pass through. By going for those models that are fitted with a metal filter you will find that the grinds produced are not only much coarser but are more uniformed in size.

French Press Coffee Pot

Although most people will traditionally use a French Press Coffee Pot to make a superb tasting cup of hot coffee. What many do not realise is that this piece of kitchen equipment is just as great for using it to cold brew your coffee as well.

Certainly for anyone who would like to have the facility to be able to make their own iced coffee on a warm or hot summers day then cold brewing one’s coffee should be seriously considered. The reason that the coffee you make using a French Press coffee pot will taste so good whether hot or cold is down to there not being any filters in the equipment.

This then ensures that a greater portion of the essential oils to be found in the coffee beans remains in the liquid that you produce. So resulting in the coffee you are drinking being much more flavoursome and delicious.

So how do you cold brew coffee that allows you to then make some great tasting and delicious iced coffee drinks? Below we take you through the stepst that you may find helpful so that you have the opportunity to create such drinks using your French press coffee pot.

Step 1 – Into your coffee pot place the right of coarse coffee grounds you would usually put in your to make a traditional hot cup of coffee. It is important that you use coarsely ground coffee as this will help to ensure more of the essential oils are released and will ensure far less of the sediment can pass through the plunger filter system.

Step 2 – Next to the coffee grinds you should add the same amount of cold water that you would normally add when making a hot cup of coffee with yours. You must make sure that you stir the mixture well before allowing it to stand for 12 hours if you can prepare the water and coffee grinds the night before and allow it to stand in the refrigerator overnight. By providing it with this amount of time the essential oils within the beans will be released into the water making a great tasting cold coffee brew.

Step 3 – Now all you have to do the following morning is remember to push the plunger down on your French press coffee pot to trap the grinds at the bottom. Then you can just pour out your cup of cold brew before adding cold milk or ice cream to yours.

The main advantage to making coffee in this way with a French Press Coffee Pot is that the drink will not only taste much richer but the liquid will be much thicker. In fact it will look similar to that of a large cup of espresso coffee, however it won’t come with the strong and bitter taste of this type of brew. The taste of this drink is far deeper as a result of a large amount of the essential oils in the coffee beans being extracted into the liquid.

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