How To Prepare For An Adventurous Expedition

When you are looking for an adventurous expedition then you need to come out from the comfort zone. You need to carry an adventurous spirit. Before you start with trip you need to consider certain things for a successful expedition. There are few points you need to take care of:how to prepare before traveling

First thing is to ponder on is that what kind of trip you are seeking. Is your motto is adventure solely. You need to select the destination after pondering on this point. Choose Himalayas for a trekking trip. Pick India to experience the culture. For the village experience pick Peru and Bhutan to know the history. If you are going for a women adventure holidays then check google and locate the places. You would also know on the packages through the tour operators. You can also research through guidebooks. There are travel magazines that you can subscribe to prepare for the expedition trip.

There are certain things that you need to check on and they are mentioned below. Make your holiday a memorable one by taking care of the points that are appended below:

  • Check the vaccination plan of the particular you are travelling too. You must also check with your GP. You may require certain vaccinations to g out of the country to keep your self immune and healthy.
  • Check The political scenario of the country. It must be safe and peaceful so that your trip goes smooth.
  • Check the visa formalities. You must also check that you carry the valid passport what least six months of validity on it. Check the documents so that you do not get stuck anywhere.
  • Take the medical insurance. You can redeem it in case of any health issues. You cannot avoid this insurance for your own safety.

Stay fit

If planning for the adventure trip then you need to pay more attention on fitness. It is not a casual beach break. You need to train yourself before the actual trip. You must take up the sport specific training. If you are going for the trekking and mountain biking then choose the trainer that can make your cardiovascular strong. You need to make your legs strong. If you are going for rafting or kayaking then you need to make your upper body strong as you need to rely on it. You need to do a good search before you actually start with the adventure trip. Staying fit can double your trips adventure. You would cherish the trip and enjoy it.

The outdoor personal kit

It is mandatory to carry Sunglasses, necessary clothing, sunscreen (for skin and lips) for the protection against sun. It is important that you should be protected from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. As you go high on altitudes, you would be more exposed in the sun. You may have serious sun burns and skin damage. You can eve have the risk of skin cancer. It is important for you to have protection against sun rays entire year but especially you must take care when going on snow, water etc. The sunglasses protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays. You need to have the glacier glasses to protect you from snow blindness.
The sunscreen that you choose should be of 30 SPF. It should be capable of blocking the UVA and UVB rays. It must be applied whenever you go out. Keep it applying again and again for the protection of your lips and skin.

Carry the Hats essentially. Take a wide-brimmed hat with you or you can at least take a peaked cap so that your face is protected from the sun.

First Aid Kit

There are many kinds of first aid kits available. You can also make one according to your needs. First-aid kits can range from the basic that is treating blisters and minor cuts on a day hike to the expedition-worthy kits that as geared for the extended travel with the large groups. You can tailor it or purchase a pre-packaged one. Still you will require – bandages in various sizes, disinfectant, gauze pads, pain medication, treatment for blisters. You must carry all the prescribed medicines to you. Before you prepare the first aid kit, you must secure all the knowledge on it. If you need some basic course on the first aid kit use, go ahead to have a safe trip. Even if you know the first aid then also carry the first aid guide inside the kit for your information.

If you are going for any outdoor activity that is new for you such as – scuba diving, river rafting, horse riding, rock climbing etc then pay attention on the body part that would require the most strength, you need to gain strength in that part. You must take some training on that sport. A basic training will help you. Many a times the tour operators help you with the trainers too. Prepare your clothes and the necessities according to the outdoor sport.

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