Meals that fit for the time of Climb

The climb was categorized as sports activities and activities require the stamina at once. The majority of novice climbers often confusion in determining what foods should be prepared for the process of climbing ensue. Not a few of them who eventually choose instant fast-food meals for the sake of filling an empty stomach them.

In order to keep the body from health problems that make us unable to continue the trip up then we should pay attention to the intake of foods and we should consume energy in order to remain unfulfilled and fit body. You can prepare anything beneficial to your body. In this article, we will discuss the various foods that are suitable when climbing. Stay focused!


Different types of bread with different variants you can bring during the climb. Types of whole wheat bread are great the food, is suitable at the time of climbing because wheat has fiber and carbohydrates and there are high so that it can be a healthy and fast in an emergency. Bread sandwiches, fresh bread and other types of bread is very fitting to address your stomach when started rumbling.


Biscuit is a type of pastry that is very light and practical to make provision for suitable food while climbing. If you’re feeling tired and a little hungry then biscuits can accompany you while resting with the team/your community. The current variant of the Biscuits are circulating in the market quite a lot, you can choose the one that you like, such as crackers, biscuits with flavor and others.

Instant porridge

Instant porridge is also food that fits the time of climbing, you can bring the porridge to brew with hot water. Instant porridge comes with a wide range of variants that you can choose to taste food as a suitable time to climb.

Instant noodles

This one is a menu mainstay for the climbers which is a suitable food while climbing. In addition to instant noodles are also easy to carry. Noodle are familiar products and it can easily get from the market.

Canned food

A variety of food available like sardines, tuna, sausage, cornet and other meals you can make a suitable food menu alternatives while climbing. The kinds of foods that contain high protein energy intake so that you will be met and you will get the maximum power to continue the journey to reach the Summit.


Fruit is a delicious snack menu and refreshing as well as a suitable diet during the climb. The fruit contains a lot of fibers which can make you feel full longer. Besides the existing water content in the fruit and you can reduced thirst in the heat of the sun during the climb. You can carry a wide variety of fresh fruit that you like.


Who does not like chocolate? The food menu which has a sweet taste and it contains enough calories that can make your stomach becomes full. In addition, chocolate also contains phenethylamine named compound which serves to increase endorphins in our body so that the body will become more relaxed. But for those who suffer from ulcer disease is expected to not eat chocolate of any kind as it will only increase the gastric acid in the body.


It may sound pretty strange if you carry the eggs while climbing but very nice eggs as food that matches the time climb because the protein content of the egg can make you become more excited and energetic to go on. By eating some of the eggs, you will feel full. Don’t worry to bring eggs during the hike because if you store them and organize them properly so the egg won’t break.

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