French Press Coffee Makers and Coffee Pot

French Press Coffee Makers

When using French Press coffee makers to create great tasting coffee quickly and easily, it is important that you make sure that you use the right sort of ground coffee. If you don’t then the essential oils within the ground beans cannot be extracted properly and so the taste of the coffee you brewed will be badly affected.

So it is important that if you can you also purchase yourself a good quality coffee grinder. This will help to ensure that the size of the grounds you place in to your French press are ideal. Plus you are going to be using grounds that are considerably fresher than those that have been pre ground for you and prepackaged. Although they may cost less the flavour that they produce won’t be as good. So make sure that you don’t go for coffee beans that are less than 3 days old or more than 10 days old.

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“Fitness” Pear With Roasted Cranberry

pear with roasted cranberryIngredients

  • Pear (soft) – 1 piece
  • Cottage cheese – 50 g
  • Sour cream – 1 tablespoon
  • Sugar – 1 tablespoon+0.5 teaspoon
  • Cranberry (frozen) – 2 tablespoons

Category of the dish

  • Desserts

Preparation time

  • 10 minutes

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Do You Not Want To Feel Pain? Sleep Longer!

Scientists proved that a ten-hour night sleep increases concentration and reduces pain sensitivity.

The study involved 18 healthy volunteers who were divided into two groups.

For 4 nights members of one group slept as much as they used to and members of the other group – for 10 hours. For an objective assessment of daytime sleepiness, the scientists used multiple test latency to sleep, pain sensitivity – thermal radiation.

The results obtained indicate that members of the second group slept every night for 2 hours more, than members of the first group. This has led to an increase in concentration and decrease in pain sensitivity. After the end of the research, participants of the second group could hold their finger on the source of thermal radiation 25% longer than before. This reflects the reduction to pain sensitivity.

“We were able to show that prolonged sleep plays an important role in the treatment of diseases associated with chronic pain, as well as in preparation for operations. It’s amazing that a night’s sleep has a significant impact on pain sensitivity. “, – says Timothy Rogers, the author of the study.

Top 11 Detox Superfoods

Besides eliminating toxins from your body, you can also lose weight with the following top detox superfoods.

For the normal functioning of our bodies, it is of great importance that the body is cleansed of accumulated toxins. Some products have the ability to naturally rid the blood, kidneys, liver and intestines of all unnecessary things. What are these products? You can learn from our article.


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How To Prepare For An Adventurous Expedition

When you are looking for an adventurous expedition then you need to come out from the comfort zone. You need to carry an adventurous spirit. Before you start with trip you need to consider certain things for a successful expedition. There are few points you need to take care of:how to prepare before traveling Continue reading “How To Prepare For An Adventurous Expedition”