The Best way to choose right tent for backpackers

Here is the best guide to choose the right tent for backpackers. But selecting the best backpacking tent is a little bit complex decision which can affect by when, where and also how you camp. Do you know there are total three large things which affect your pack weight? These are a sleeping bag, your shelter and your pack itself.

A tour as a backpacker needs to be well planned and carefully. You should have time before your trip – along with many other plans in different areas and also some thought to making your equipment. The tent as a cheap or free home plays a very big role. When did you decide to take any own tent on your trip, we give you below some important information which tent-types are suitable for backpackers and for why.

  • The actual cost & weight of tent and two important buying criteria

Basically for all backpackers: You want as little baggage as possible with you carry on your travels. Therefore you should be careful when choosing your tent, it packed the lowest possible volume and weight has. Sure, the price will play a big role in your search. There are already very good tents about $100 to $500 for 1 to 2-person. Of course, there are no limits on the price upwards. So if you do not have so much attention to the money, you can also very good light, does not take away the too much space, purchased for several hundred euros. If it is necessary, decide your financial budget. We mean: you can better invest the money as too costly in a tent. On the other hand, of course, you have to sleep well. This includes also a good quality tent next to a good sleeping bag and a suitable base.

  • How much a Tent should cost and how big it should be

An ideal backpacker tent is both stable and easy. It can bundle together so that it takes up as little space during travel around. Good quality tents for travelers are designed so that they can be stored with minimal space consumption, but on the other hand help to ensure that you can spend a quiet and safe night after an eventful and exhausting day. If you are alone mostly on the road, of course, you should take a 1-person tent. There should very good light for individuals, weighing just 1-2 kilograms and can be strapped without problems in the backpack. Weight and height should be the really decisive criteria in the choice of your tent. Of course, the quality has to be right, so it must be windproof and rainproof, but the most quality tents accomplish anyway, even if they are very compact and lightweight.

  • Important backpackers: Tent & Material

Most of the tents are made of nylon. Basically, Breathable nylon is mostly used in normal tent walls where coated nylon are used to making fly and floor to protect water. A coating of silicone is rather advisable for more extreme weather conditions and multiple uses. These are usually tear-resistant, stable and much better able to withstand extreme conditions. The thicker and denser fabric are used in heavier tents. You can’t carry your tent on your back or bike. You have to remember that you must pack dry tent not wet. If it is wet then dry it as soon as possible.

  • Choose best tent poles

Most of the tent come with either fiberglass or aluminum poles. This types of poles help you to prevent itself and can make the setup easier as well as faster. These may break or bend, so you have to take emergency repair links for future.

Keep cost in mind

  • If you want to buy any tent having stronger fabric then the price will be high. Because a stronger fabric has stronger stitching and some extra features. You can withstand these tent in higher winds and very heavier rain.
  • If you are a beginner and going to start family camping, then might choose any lower cost tents. But you should upgrade to best as well as light weight tent later.
  • If it is your first camping then you may borrow a tent one used.

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