Things to note in Mountaineering

Mountaineering is a term used for a variety of sports-related field used is a mountain, such as mountain climbing, rock climbing, and others. Besides mountaineering is also an outdoor activity that can improve fitness and health.

The mountaineering inside or outside the country, your body will be faced with hurdles and obstacles that have been prepared by nature. So it’s good to listen to what things to consider in mountaineering.


Arm-hand skilled performance

Mountaineering is an adventure that is quite risky if not done with his own insights on this and many other aspects related to the ability to read a map, read the directions and an understanding of how the temperature and weather in the mountain.

Preparation and careful planning

Set aside your time to prepare and plan everything for climbing purposes. Preparation and planning will determine the success or failure of climbing when you are going to do. Before leaving make sure all preparations have been complete for climbing you, it’s good if you do some checking.

Select the right shoes

It’s good if the first points have you done then you will be able to choose shoes or footwear for the weather of mountain. Climbing the mountain dry weather will be very different from the snow-capped mountains across its surface.

Food supplies

Make sure you bring food and water supplies are sufficient for mountaineering trip. You should bring the food with having lot of energy and not too heavy to carry, such as instant noodles or other food packaging that can block the stomach in the longer term.

And be sure to bring food to be consumed so that your mountaineering trip more enjoyable. Avoid carrying snack packaging because that requires more space.

Observe the weather

Before deciding to start mountaineering elsewhere, make sure you know the local forecast weather. You can postpone on another day if you see the unfriendly weather conditions. Some routes on a mountaineering trip you are going through will probably not be able to pass or closed if the weather conditions are bad, like an avalanche that covered the road.

Emergency tents

Many accidents or injuries that cannot be avoided simply because the lifeboat on the way underestimate weather conditions. Always carry emergency tents precaution to protect you from the weather that can suddenly change and temperatures can freeze. Bring a small and lightweight or dependent individuals in the mountaineering trip.

Emergency tents

Emergency handling in mountaineering trips:

  1. Do not hastily or rashly and keep calm. Otherwise small mistake will result in a more serious injury.
  2. A quick look at how the condition of the victim.
  3. Specify whether the victims can be treated or were evacuated by the other party.
  4. Call the rescue squad if needed. If there is no signal then it is one of the Group should go in search of help.
  5. Do not leave the victim in circumstances that threaten the like fell and stuck up. Try to help the victim if it can be done after that allow it to be evacuated.

Communications in an emergency

Always carry a cell phone in mountaineering, wrap with plastic waterproof if a mobile phone is not waterproof. In an emergency it can be very helpful to contact emergency services.

Remains cautious

Mountaineering can be very beautiful memories and fun but there is a wide variety of hazards that cannot be avoided and taken into account. The risk of accidents or injuries will be slightly reduced if the preparations you made has matured and as we get experience.

First aid

First aid box is quite necessary and important in mountaineering. Always carry first aid supplies at least for personal.

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